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Carla King is an adventure travel writer who reviews vehicles, gear, and gadgets like motorcycles, stand-up paddleboards, dive equipment, communication systems, helmets, tents, and boots. She’s also a self-publishing expert who writes how-to guides, leads workshops and speaks at writing conferences. Find her books at all the usual book resellers.

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Carla King’s Adventure Travel and Self-Publishing Books & Writing

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Upcoming Events

Horizons Unlimited California, Sept 25-28. A motorcycle travel event in Mariposa, California, in the Sierras. This is a new location where you can meet a veritable who’s who in the motorcycling world. Not to mention like-minded travelers and an astounding array of presentations and camaraderie. See you there!


Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors by Carla King

Looking for Self-Publishing Resources? Cruise on over to the Self-Publishing Boot Camp site for my blog, free tips, workshops, books, and seminars.


I’d love to meet you at an upcoming event, check my schedule here. Whether you are a writers group, a women’s group, or a business, my Adventures through the Fear Barrier is a great motivational presentation. The motorcycle is, after all, a wonderful metaphor. I also present on Self-Publishing – whether it’s publishing your adventures, your memoir, novel, book of photography, ebooks, and all kinds of books.

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