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Meet Me at San Diego Travel Fest Sept 11-14, 2014

San Diego Travel Festival 2014

Carla King speaks at San Diego Travel Festival 2014I hope you’ll meet me in San Diego Sept-11-14 for the first annual Trav Fest, a combination industry and consumer event celebrating and promoting travel with the motto:
Go Local. See The World.

Catch me on a travel panel discussion

I’ll be there for the entire event schmoozing and tasting and moderating and speaking on topics that include travel writing and publishing, solo travel and expat living. Here’s the schedule. Note the street party on Sunday. If you’re there, ping me on Twitter @missadventuring and we’ll meet up.

I have a friends discount code for you!

Here’s the latest press release and how to get tickets. Hey, I have a friend’s discount! Enter SDTFPALS Code for a discount of 15% at checkout when ordering two or more tickets. [click to continue…]


Gangster Girl Bikers in Japan


Summer Motorcycling Gear

For most of you it is high season for motorcycling. But I split my time among San Diego, Borrego Springs and Baja California, and it is hot hot hot here! I’m not doing all that much riding, but when I do, I take precautions.

Carla King dual-sport motorcycle Olympia Moto Sports Airglide 4My Olympia Moto Sports Airglide mesh gear is awesome for full protection with lots of air flow. A woman at a gas station asked me how I could ride in this hot weather all covered up like that. I took off my jacket and showed her how airy it was, and also explained that riding uncovered is actually more dehydrating because the sun and wind just sucks the moisture out of bare skin.

motorcycle house logoMore on gear: Thanks to Kiara at MotorcycleHouse.com for a couple of items to test out in this hot weather: an evaporative cooling vest (Oxford nylon outer with HyperKewl fabric inner and water-repellent nylon liner and black poly-cotton trim) and the Rig 710 Pressurized hydration pack. Motorcycle House is a new(ish) site that wants you to come visit them on the web. They have a surprising array of gear for a wide variety of riders – from cruiser to off-road – and some great deals.

Motorcycle House Gear
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Word crimes…

To my editors, with love and apologies.


Adventures in Self-Publishing! This week David Wogahn of Sellbox and I talk about reader subscription services. Amazon entered the space with Kindle Unlimited. Should you as an indie author be there? How does Kindle Unlimited stack up against the reader subscription programs offered by Oyster (which you get into via Smashwords) and Scribd? Find out here:


The Carla & Marla Show: Getting Great Editing

This week on The Carla and Marla Show features Marla Miller’s insights on editing. Marla is a working writer and longtime editor with lots of information on developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading, not to mention storytelling and identifying narrative arc and all that technical writerly stuff. I learned a lot. I know you will, too!

There’s more on writing, editing and publishing in The Indie Author Journey. Take a look and subscribe to get valuable tips for self-publishing.


The adventurous indie author

I am an adventurer in travel, writing and publishing and I help other writers self-publish their books, too. My indie author journey began in 1994 with a little guide to cycling the French Riviera.

I loved the control of self-publishing, so I just kept doing it. I’ve starting guiding other authors to success by helping them map out their self-publishing adventure, and an adventure it is! New language, culture, customs. I love it, but most authors, having already experienced the thrill of writing an entire book, are just done by then.

The Indie Author Journey with Carla King

Self-Pub Boot Camp is my offering to those of you trying to sort out this new world. I hope you’ll join me. I’ve already written a guidebook: The Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Authors, and now I’m starting a new series introducing self-publishing concepts at the most basic level get you off to a good start. Thanks for joining me!

00: Map Out Your Self-Publishing Adventure: Intro

01: Map Out Your Self-Publishing Adventure: Ebook Creation Tools on the Desktop


Dual-Sport Adventure Helmet Review: LS2 MX453

Carla King LS2-MX453When my friend Reg Kittrelle asked me if I’d like to try an LS2 MX453 Dual-Sport Adventure Motorcycle Helmet I said, “I’ve never heard of it, but dual-sport adventure? I’m in!” I guess I have been living under a rock because LS2 sponsored 76 riders in the 2013 Dakar rally, including the winner Cyril Despres, and almost 100 riders in the 2014 rally. But the company has operated in stealth mode for quite some time, making helmets for well-known brands (as MHR helmets) before deciding to strike out on their own. They hired a Spanish marketing firm who set to work on design and style, then started selling factory direct to keep prices low. The MX453 Adventure costs only $169.95, undercutting name brands in the dual-sport adventure helmet market by hundreds while vastly surpassing the quality of other helmets in its price range.

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Annual Nonfiction Writers Conference May 7-9

Come-on travel writers, memoirists, journalist and biographers! Every year Stephanie Chandler holds a nonfiction writers conference and every year it’s great and very fresh with a new mix of presenters. (Last year I was a presenter. You can buy the 2013 conference, still very relevant.) Click here to visit Stephanie Chandler Enterprises LLC and sign up before March 28 for 35% off. There are three levels – live only for $99 and $199 for live access and downloadable recordings. Another $100 gets you transcripts, too. Find out more.

Nonfiction Writers Conference 2014


Author Kimberley Patterson’s Self-Pub Journey

Kimberley Patterson, Author

I invited local author Kimberley Patterson to share her Self-Pub path to our San Diego Self-Publishers Meetup group last week. Kimberley is the author of two Young Adult books: Red Rock is a western, and The Three Month Plan is what you might call genre fiction. She was incredibly generous with information about what worked, and what didn’t. She talks editing, cover design, marketing and publicity, social media, live events, and much more, including how she gets her book Redrock into the hands of every country music star that comes into town.

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