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Whether you’ve ridden around the world or ridden around the neighborhood, you have stories to tell. Motorcycles, 4x4s, RVs, and other powersports writers welcome!

Get on the list to join me for eight weeks to crafting your story for publication with support and encouragement.

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    Over the many years I've worked with writers, I've found that we achieve the best results in groups. If you're like most of us, you're a little nervous about putting your work, your heart, your soul, out into the world. You might also need deadlines and accountability. I've got you!

    Would you like the confidence that comes when you know you're putting a GREAT story out into the world?

    I've guided individual authors and writing groups to joyful authoring and successful publication for over two decades. And it will make me so happy to guide you, my motorcycling friend, to telling your best story.

    Carla King

    What you get

    You'll get forever access to my online travel-writing course, to our travel writing community, and connection with an awesome tribe of people who love doing what you love doing... riding and writing.

    What'S it all about?

    Do you dream of writing stories for magazines? Contributing to anthologies? Publishing your own book?

    Are you a professional writer who could use some accountability and beta readers for a new project?

    Please join me and a group of awesome rider-writers of all levels for a nine-week group workshop to craft and polish your motorcycle diaries.

    Writing a book? We'll work on your signature story you can use to publish a teaser for your future motorcycle travelogue or memoir.

    BONUS! Motorcycle magazine writers and editors are also participating, to let you know what they want to publish. Hooray!

    Get the confidence that comes when you know you're putting a GREAT story out into the world. Learn the craft of travel writing, and apply it to the next stories you write.

    JOIN US!